The Struggle

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Wow, this article outlines some of my deepest fears about writing and insures me that they are 100% warranted:

It comes at a time when I am struggling mightily with thoughts that maybe I’m not any good. A little over a month ago, I saw that Harper Voyager was going to have an open submissions window October 1st – 14th for sci-fi and fantasy manuscripts. The timing was fortuitous as I felt I was nearing completion on my novel. In anticipation, I cast a broad net and tried to get as many readers as I could to give me feedback. I hoped to polish the story as much as possible before submitting it. I sent it out to over twenty people, not looking for line by line editing, just general impressions. Only six responded — only four of those with any kind of substance. Two of those only read the first chapter. None finished it. That can’t be good. I retooled some things in the manuscript, hopefully for the better, but who knows?

I’ve been working on this book for four years, poured my heart and soul into it and the response is a universal “meh.” Typically, this is the part where I quit. I’m a lifelong quitter.

So why can’t I?

I submitted it to Harper Voyager yesterday and it’s time to get focused on the second book.


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