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About a month ago, I signed a book deal with Literary Wanderlust! I’m only now announcing it here because I’ve been afraid to jinx it, but now that I’m almost through the first round of edits, I guess this is really happening. I remain in a mild state of shock. The original title was Dead Muse Wake, but that will change and I don’t have a release date yet (sometime in 2018?), but I’m feeling better and better about the book with each passing day. Literary Wanderlust has been great: upfront, no BS, clearly in the author’s corner. Their Editor in Chief, Susan Brooks, even has a fantastic blog full of writing tips. Check it out at The Writer’s Bag of Tricks.

I don’t make a habit of quoting evangelists, but Dwight L. Moody  said, “Character is who you are in the dark.” I believe writing at its best is written in the dark while every nasty little secret, every skeleton, and every backward thought are exposed to critical self-examination. Being published is like dropping all that detritus into the light for all to see. This book, whatever it ends up being called, is a kind of satirization of my own foibles as a person who, misstep after misstep, continues to seek a meaningful method of creative self-expression. Sometimes I think of this book as featuring my worst self-carried to its natural conclusion. That may seem unappealing, but admit it, it’s kind of fun watching a train wreck of a person go completely off the rails (as long as you’re watching from a safe distance).

It’s a dark book, to be sure, but I think it’s also pretty funny. What better way to cauterize the wounds left by pride and an over-inflated sense of self-importance than to laugh at them? I’ll keep you posted on its progress and I hope that upon its release, you’ll give it a chance (even if it’s out of pity).



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