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My amazing editors crafted the back copy for The Author Is Dead! Now imagine you’re in some hole-in-the-wall indie bookstore and you find a book you’re not sure is supposed to be there and you turn it over and read this:

A failed suicide, a failed writer, and a failed husband, Ches is tragically depressed—that is, until, he finds his muse in punk-rocker/militia-marketer/free-spirited Thalia. Ches is haunted by Thalia’s ghost—or perhaps a hallucination—and obsessed with writing her story…but due to his increasingly erratic behavior, he is quickly self-destructing. The pressures of public school IT work, a middle school revolution, an ex-wife, a crazed father, and an emotional crime spree culminate in a fantastic meta twist, creating a surprising end to this fabulously witty dark comedy.


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