Eleven Practical Reasons to Buy My (Now Lower Priced) Book, Under the Suns!

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Under the Suns is no longer available. You had your chance, jerk. 😉

Under the Suns now has a new lower price! The paperback is $9.99 and the Kindle Edition is $0.99.

Here are the top ten reasons you should purchase the paperback edition:

  1. You’ll help put my daughter through college. I’m pretty sure she’s going to rule the world by the time she’s thirty so get on her good side now.
  2. I will like you slightly more than I like you right now.
  3. It makes an attractive door jamb.
  4. The paperback is capable of being hurled at nose-breaking speeds in excess of 60 mph.
  5. Roughly 42 stacked copies can form a 4th leg for a three-legged table.
  6. If you’re ever in desperate need of a straw, the pages can be tightly rolled into satisfactory substitutes. That’s 328 straws!
  7. The quality of the paper is ideal for Papier-mâché arts and crafts.
  8. If you’re training an attack dog, you can tape copies to your limbs for protection.
  9. The word “shit” is on the back cover.
  10. The $9.99 you spend on the book is $9.99 you’re not spending on hamburgers. Better health, for the win!

Here is the top reason to buy the Kindle version:

  1. It’s 90% cheaper than the paperback!

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