Incarnate: Existence (Volume 1)

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I love the fact that I know a handful of authors and I try to promote them when I can.

Incarnate: Existence (Volume 1) is a book just released by Thomas Harper. Thomas is one of those evil genius types and I’m pretty sure he’s going to take over the world one day, leading an army of robot-rhinoceros hybrids that shoot lasers out of their horns. You’d do well to stay on his good side, as I am, and give his book serious consideration.

Here’s a synopsis:

Being the only immortal being in existence, reincarnated every time they die, life has been lonely for Marcy Riviera, her current incarnation. Attempts to live a normal life are difficult when carrying the psychological baggage of humanities brutal past and the question of why reincarnation happens to her and only her. Marcy thought things would be better when she found out she wasn’t the only one who experiences this. But after finding another, as time progresses, they both realize that they may be around for a very long time. Navigating the accelerating pace of technological innovation and the strange questions of their own existence, both of these mysterious beings must figure out a way to ensure that the future is not one of pain and misery. Meanwhile, they begin to uncover a mysterious worldwide conspiracy that entangles politics, organized crime, and bizarre human experimentation. In part one of this three part series, you will get a glimpse at what the future might possibly behold for these beings and the rest of humanity.

Sounds fantabulous, doesn’t it? And what about that cover, designed by yours truly? You can buy Incarnate Existence here and don’t forget to follow Thomas, The Cynical Philosopher, on Facebook.


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