national punctuation day

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apparently today is national punctuation day but i refuse to bow to fat cat corporate holidays designed to fleece Americans of their hard earned dollars next thing you know there will be greeting cards and balloons and cakes made in honor of it and if this madness continues there wont be a day that goes by that we arent celebrating something that according to good social graces requires us to open our wallets well i say no to that and in protest im not capitalizing or using paragraphs either just in case national capitalization day or national paragraph day is rattling around someones brain out there i mean how about national letter z day or national number 4 day theres no end to it we could celebrate a million different things every day for the rest of our lives and never celebrate the same things twice well screw that


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  • jillcarrollbayoublood
    6 years ago

    As an English teacher I am totally appalled by your lack of enthusiasm for the punctuation! Just kidding…. Love your post and totally agree! Good job and great blog. Keep up the thoughtful insights.

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