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I found this podcast the other day and thought it was worth a share. It’s called Print Run and it’s hosted by literary agents Laura Zats and Erik Hane. Now, before you accuse me of trying to butter up agents I’ve submitted to, I want you to know that I have not submitted to either of them or anyone else at their agency, Red Sofa Literary. I don’t think either one of them represents my current novel’s genre. Also, Laura Zats scares the hell out of me. She frequently tweets query responses and is capable of telling you precisely why your query sucks in 140 characters or less. Ouch!

Both hosts are personable, informative, and best of all, funny! On my side of the publishing fence, literary agents are mysterious creatures. This has helped me get to know a couple of them and realize that maybe they don’t all add the phrase “the Author Slayer” to the end of their names or wipe their asses with rejected manuscripts.

And if you donate, you can get exclusive content such as on air query and first page critiques. Check it out!



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